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|   SHORINJI RYU KARATE DO  |   OKINAWA KOBUDO   |   TAI CHI   |   Founded 1976 by O´Sensei Richard Kim, Hanshi, 10. Dan

Hanshi Richard Kim | 10. Dan | Founder Of Shorinji Ryu | 1917-2001

Richard Kim is of Korean-American descent. He is the founder of our variant of Shorinji Ryu. His martial arts is a synthesis of several Okinanawan and Chinese styles based on the Chinese Quanfa. Kim started practicing martial arts at the age of six. His mother, who was Japanese, sent him to Honolulu (Hawaii) for judo lessons from Sensei Kaneko. A few years later he went to Okinawa and took karate lessons with Aragaki, Chibana and Yabu Kentsu.

On November 17, Richard Kim was born in Hawaii.

Beginning of the training of martial arts, in the disciplines Judo, under the direction of Kaneko Sensei. Likewise, boxing was part of his training program.

Studying karate under Yabu Kentsu. He was then taught by Arakaki.

After Anikichi's death he was trained by Zuiho Mutsu.

Beginning of studies at the University of Hawaii. He practiced karate at Chibana in Honolulu. During this time, he trained boxing at the Sato Gym.

He travels to Shanghai, China, and has since studied at St. Johns and Towa University. During his stay in China, he learned Tai Chi at the Academy of Martial Arts of Shanghai under Ten Chin Juan. At the same time Pa Kua and Shorinji Kempo at the Physical Culture Institute Stemberra of Chao hay Lie. Richard Kim's biggest teacher in China was Wang Xian Zhai, who taught him the style of Yi Quan. In China he met Kenichi Sawai.

Richard Kim traveled to China to deepen his knowledge of the martial arts. For several years he stayed in Shanghai, where he met the expert Chao Hsu Lai from the Ba gua quan, who strangely taught him mastery of balance. On further travels he learned the Chin Tai Chi Chuan and the Ba gua quan under Master Chen Chin Yuan. He then returned to Japan and was taught by Master Gogen Yamaguchi in Goyu ryu and Master Ueshiba Morihei in Aikido. There he met Kinjo Hiroshi, who was dedicated to the study of the history of Okinawan martial arts and at the same time Karate expert from the direction Oshiro Choki and Chibana Choshin was. This left a deep impression on Kim, prompting him to thoroughly explore the history of martial arts as well. He was assisted by Yoshida, a grand master of the Daito ryu, who at the same time gave him tremendous knowledge of the martial arts and taught him the Daito ryu and various weapons arts. In addition, he found access to the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in Kyoto.

He traveled to Japan, where he continued training under Nabu Kentsu and Kenichi Sawai. At the same time he began his lessons in Kobudo Toyama Kanken. This year, Richard Kim found access to Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

Richard Kim met Hiroshi Cinema, which he calls a walking carat encyclopedia.

O'Sensei Kim receives the Yon Dan (4th Dan).

Richard Kim started studying Daito Ryu and Kobudo under his principal teacher Yoshida Kotaro. From Kotaro he received the award Menkyo Kaiden. Richard Kim described Kotaro as his greatest master.

At that time he met Yamaguchi and Mas Oyama in Yokohama.

Richard Kim started teaching the first karate students at Shorinji Ryu in Yokohama.

He founded the Kenshu Kan Karate School together with James Miyagi in Hawaii.

He settled in San Francisco, California. He was the founder of Zen Bei Butoku Kai in the U.S.A., Butokukai International and International Representative of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in Kyoto, Japan. He taught philosophy and history of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. His repertoire ranged from Judo, Karate, Kobudo, Taichi Chuan, Shorinji Kempo, Ba gua quan (Pa Kua), Daito ryu, Iaido, Goyu ryu to Aikijutsu. He was considered an expert in philosophy and a living encyclopaedia regarding the history of martial arts. His 1st Generation students include the official representatives of Kokusai Butokukai Jean Chalamon, Rod Sanford, and Louis Jemison.

Richard Kim is voted Sensei of the Year by Black Belt magazine.

On December, Richard Kim receives the Ku Dan (9th Dan) from the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

From 1970 to 1980 Kim wrote articles for various karate magazines.

Richard Kim became director and principal teacher of the AAKF / ITKF.

He is named Man of the Year in the Black Belt Hall Of Fame.

On July, Richard Kim is appointed Hanshi by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

Richard Kim's first book Weaponless Warrior is published. He is included in the Encyclopedia of martial arts in Japan and Okinawa.

Inclusion in Who's Who of martial arts.

Founding of Butokukai International with departments in France and Germany under the direction of Richard Kim (5th Dan) - leaving the Butokukai in 1982 and founding Shorin Ji Ryu International and teaching his interpretation of the Shorinji ryu Karate Do.

Sensei KIM founds the organization "Way of Humanity".

Kim's second book The Classical Man is published. Jean Chalamon receives Menkyo Kaiden and becomes Technical Director of Butokukai Europe.

Between the years 1983-1986 the book series Kobudo 1, 2, 3 by Richard Kim is published.

Butokukai Canada is founded.

Appointment to Ju Dan (10th Dan) from I.T.K.F.

On the 8th of November, at the age of 83, Grandmaster Richard Kim left us.

Richard Kim
9. Dan
Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
01. December 1969

Richard Kim
Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
15. July 1973