KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI  | International Martial Arts Federation 
|   SHORINJI RYU KARATE DO  |   OKINAWA KOBUDO   |   TAI CHI   |   Founded 1976 by O´Sensei Richard Kim, Hanshi, 10. Dan

The Graduation System And Title Of The KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI | Shorinji Ryu

Mudansha | Students

5. Kyu | Go kyu | 5-6 months classes

4. Kyu | Yon kyu | 5-6 month classes after 5. Kyu
total 10-12 months

3. Kyu | San kyu | 5-6 month classes after 4. Kyu
total 15-18 months

2. Kyu | Ni kyu | 5-6 month classes after 3. Kyu
total 1,5-2 years

1. Kyu | Sho Kyu | 5-6 month classes after 2. Kyu
total 2-3 years

Yudansha | Master

1. Dan | Sho dan | 1 year after 1. Kyu
total 3-5 years | age more than 18 years

2. Dan | Ni dan | 2-3 years after 1. Dan
total 5-8 years

3. Dan | San dan | 2-4 years after 2. Dan
total 7-12 years

4. Dan | Yon dan | 3-5 years after 3. Dan
total 10-17 years

Kodansha - Master

5. Dan | Go dan | 3-5 years after 4. Dan
Spiritual master, Kokoro
total 13-22 years

6. Dan | Roku dan | 5-6 years after 5. Dan
Spiritual master, Kokoro
total 18-28 years

7. Dan | Sichi dan | honorary rank
6-7 years after 6. Dan
Great spiritual master, Iko Kokoro
total 24-35 years

8. Dan | Hachi dan | honorary rank
7-8 years after 7. Dan
Great spiritual master, Iko Kokoro
total 31-43 years

9. Dan | Kyu dan | honorary rank
total min. 39 years

10. Dan | Ju dan | honorary rank
total min. 47 years


"Expert of exercise"
A renshi is an expert in exercise or a scholar of the training process. He has achieved technical mastery and has sufficient experience as a martial arts teacher.
(Including examiner license up to 3. Dan)

"Teaching expert; Scholar"
A Kyoshi is not only an expert in technical matters, but also has extensive knowledge of their theoretical backgrounds and historical roots. He is also able to guide his own students on their way to becoming a martial arts master.
(Including examiner license up to 5. Dan)

"Model scholar"
A Hanshi is a model, an exemplary scholar; The attributes "exemplary" and "model" refer not only to technical and didactic skills or to a particularly extensive knowledge of martial arts, but above all to the moral integrity of the person concerned and their immediate proximity to the ideal of the path.
(Including examiner license up to 7. Dan)

"Perfect man"
The word "Meijin" comes from Confucianism. This award can be given to carriers of the 10th Dan Hanshi. Who are among the outstanding leaders in martial arts, who have committed themselves to the principles of Budo for life. Through their personal exemplary example of the highest technical perfection and deepest intellectual understanding as well have contributed to the development and dissemination of the Budo idea throughout the world through a constant and varied effort.
(Including examiner license up to 9. Dan)

For all periods mentioned, intensive study is required.